Welcome to Mile High Who!

Greetings Colorado types, and welcome to Mile High Who! We’re the largest Doctor Who fan group in the state, and this is our home.

There’s almost always something going on; from regular meetups to special events and conventions, we’re always out there somewhere having a blast. You can join by logging in with your Facebook, Google+, or Twitter account (or creating an account with WordPress, if you’re too cool to do social media) and seeing media we upload and creating an RSVP for any of our public or private events. It’s highly recommended that you join us for our bi-weekly Fish and Chips meetup (at GB on Broadway) to get to know people. It’s a great space, and they treat us very very well.

We love Doctor Who, but we’re about a lot more. We have diverse interests, so a bunch of us are always going to movies as a group, meeting for food and drinks, getting to know one another, and having many great times. While the show is in season, we’ll have multiple concurrent get togethers to watch episodes as space accommodates, and we’d love to see you there.


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