Room Without a Window: An Overanalysis of “Heaven Sent”

“Perhaps it was Steven Moffat’s confidence after three seasons as showrunner that gave him the confidence to push the boundaries of the show’s structure.  I would argue that there are a number of moments when Moffat deconstructed traditional narratives that were not necessarily looked at as “experimental” episodes, such as “A Christmas Carol” and “The Day of the Doctor,” but “Listen” is where he really stretched himself.  “Heaven Sent” is the work of a writer at the top of his game, confident in the abilities of his lead actor, sure of the BBC’s confidence in him and his show, and confident in his audience’s ability to grasp the complexity of the episode.  Sure, a work of genius like this will not silence Moffat’s haters, but nothing ever does.”

Swing by Julie’s blog for some excellent (and spoileriffic, you’ve been warned!!!) analysis of “The Zygon Invasion!”

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