My First Cosplay: 3rd and Final Part on the Creation of the 1920’s Gangster Dalek

Welcome back to the 3rd and final part in this series of my first cosplay. So far we’ve had an adventure in sewing a semi-traditional bell skirt. Then that very same skirt got decorated with spray painted Dalek spheres, and now on to the last pieces. I did ignore the steps I did to make the vest. It’s the same as in part 1, find pattern, cut out pattern and sew. It’s not that interesting so lets skip ahead to more fun stuff shall we?

NOTE: New rules for 2017 Conventions have been updated to ban realistic weapons. Looks like I made this costume at the right time!


What do Gangsters and Daleks have in common? Weapons

Okay, the dress is done now I need to accessorize. Now for those of you who don’t know me, I am the last person who would think to accessorize an outfit, but you know what accessorizing is fun! Assuming of course you intend to accessorize with an dalek-tommy-gun!! This process didn’t require me going too far outside my comfort zone, this is all painting, and not creative painting, more like ‘coloring’ which is right up my alley. I again went hunting for a plastic tommy gun. Which was harder to find that I expected! I had intended to go to this amazing costume type store in downtown Littleton, but it was under renovation! Then I went to the Internet and guess what? All the ones online were super small! I guess I really have no comparison to what a real tommy gun should be, but I am convinced that all the ones I found were tiny by comparison. Then again, when walking around the floors of comic con, probably safe to make the smaller one work.

Did I use primer? No. Remember my earlier statement, I tend to cut corners. I did however do a few coats. And the real secret? When you’re all done, take some black paint, water it way way way way down, and coat everything with it. This gives a nice shadowy effect and adds some grime and age to the gun.


Unpainted, fresh from the store, bright colored Tommy gun


Paint job finished! Several coats of gray, black and brown paint. Not to mention a watery black topcoat for that “aged” look










Painting the base of the ray gun extension…literally the morning of day 1 of DCC

The last piece to complete the tommy gun was the dalek ray gun, often thought of as the whisk or eggbeater, or whatever you want to call it. Sadly I didn’t get many good images of it, mostly because in true comic con – cosplay fashion, I was gluing and painting it the morning of. In fact I rode the light rail making extra careful I didn’t touch anything with the gun until I was sure that everything had dried. Honestly for my first major cosplay this made me feel like I belonged. Like I was a true cosplayer, because nothing was done until the very last minute. Of course I don’t recommend this….and I bet not doing that would have felt even better….but what can I say, there are times when all good plans just fall apart. Or when you just can’t sew on another plastic ball and just need to sit down with some chocolate and wonder why oh why did you decide you wanted to do a cosplay. I will say I had planned to also have a plunger, was thinking along the lines of a plunger corsage or something. Time ran away on that one and it just wasn’t something I could get done in time. Perhaps next time.


Okay, one more piece of accessorizing, and this one I was very very excited for. The hat. When you think of gangsters you think of the classic fedora. It’s a hat that I admit I have loved since I was very little, though don’t have the occasion to wear one and not look out of place. In a similar line of thinking as the hat, the next most iconic thing you often think of for daleks is the eyestalk. They are the single item to get a glimpse of that let’s you know a dalek is coming. So to bring these two iconic pieces to my costume, I dove into the realm of 3-D printing. I printed the base of the eye, did some painting magic and then found the most perfect blue marble to put inside. Then inspiration struck and out came the LED, a battery, and some electrical tape. This in my opinion completes all the best parts of an amazing cosplay, lights. I’ve heard time and time again if you want to win any contests (and no I didn’t compete in any of them), you need to have lights, blinking or otherwise. That wasn’t the intent behind this idea, but come on, it’s awesome right?!

img_20160615_201442 dalekeye dalekhat


Put all those pieces together and what do you get? A complete, worth all the hard work, 1920’s gangster dalek:


You can call me Scaro-face 😉


That’s the end of this series. I hope you enjoyed it. Now let me ask you….what have your adventures into cosplay been like? Any past cosplays to show us? Future ideas? Lets hear it!

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