Are you my mummy?

The Empty Child (and the Doctor Dances) – This episode was the first episode to scare me. I couldn’t watch it for a while, alone in my college room pitch black outside probably raining, and late enough that I would have to go to bed right after it. In all likelihood this was probably just from the first few minutes with the creepy child and the creepy saying. Anyway, now I know that there’s nothing to be scared of (even though it’s still sends shivers up my spine) and in fact this is now one of my favorite episodes because it’s the first time we meet Captain Jack!

I had the wonderful opportunity to listen to John Barrowman talk at a panel and he mentioned this specific episode. He was super excited to be part of Doctor Who and to meet everyone, but this episode was shot right before a big break and everyone was tired and just wanted to go home. Normally it takes several takes to get the blocking down for a shot like the dancing scene on top of the spaceship, or so I’m told. I would completely fail to memorize lines, let alone get the stage directions right. But Captain Jack is a pro, not to mention done a lot of theater work. He walked up there and did the scene in one take, impressing everyone! Turn, turn, line. Turn, turn, line. Turn, turn, line. Bam. All done.

Now this episode takes us back to earth, back in time, to a terrifying time of war. With starving children, constant fear of death and destruction and for a lot of people at this time, no hope. Sadly this isn’t isolated to back in the 1940s. Two hurricanes have hit the US and caused unspeakable amounts of damage. Homes are still underwater, those fortunate enough to not be destroyed by the water are still suffering the effects of the rest of the infrastructure being over taxed or destroyed. There are some great people out there, living up to the Doctor’s good name.

There’s a wonderful story out there with Coco-Cola gave permission for a few guys to break into their manufacturing facility and take cases of water. No trucks were able to get there all the roads were flooded, but these guys got on their boats, and legally broke in and were able to provide pallets of bottled water (and probably a few sodas too) to those in need.

People from across the country are helping too. Some are sending money to various charities. Some are taking in those who evacuated. And here locally in Colorado, a huge caravan of supplies was sent down to Huston. KBPI put together a “Caravan of Kindness” and asked the KBPI family to drop off supplies. The supply drive lasted all day, and in the beginning everyone simply hoped that one trailer would be filled up so that they could really “do some good” for the folks in Texas. Well….. one trailer turned into 2, turned into 3 turned into 4, and calls were going out for anyone else to come and bring another trailer. There were more supplies than they had room to put it, from basic supplies like water and canned food, to supplies for rebuilding: fans, mold killer, dry wall nails and equipment. Then one of the radio hosts and his band of friends drove all the trailers down to Huston and got all (yes all) the supplies to those who needed it!

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Stories like these bring hope and are in the spirit of helping people and what the Doctor stands for!

How else can we help? What other acts of Doctor like kindness have you witnessed?


Mile High Who encourages anyone who is able to donate to UNICEF, Unidos, GlobalGiving, or any other worthy charity:

UNICEF USA’s Hurricane Relief Efforts in Puerto Rico

Unidos United for Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico & Caribbean Hurricane Relief Fund

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