Quilt Crafting Series – Part 2

Post-Thanksgiving greetings to you all!


I hope there was a table full of delicious food, surrounded by friends and family. I know that I had a good time, what could possibly be better than a day devoted to cooking and eating?! Well…. a day devoted to crafting is¬†a close second in my book! That’s exactly what’s in store for me during my time off for this delicious holiday. I was able to take some time and pull out the sewing machine and start to put together some pieces of my TARDIS quilt. If you remember from last time, I woke up one day with a crazy notion to make a mosaic, rustic, square based TARDIS quilt. For the beginning stages I cut up a bunch of blue squares, more or less raiding my stash of fabric to find anything that had the right feel to it. Now if you missed that step, don’t you worry, there’s a lot more cutting and cloth selection that needs to be done. I did a more random cutting (instead of a measured amount) and haven’t even begun to dive into the other colors that will be put into play here on this quilt. Of course with the magic of the internet you can also jump over and read part 1 ūüėČ In this part of the adventure we move on to…..the sewing!


Time to Sew!

Okay, from last time I have several piles of blue fabric. I did take the time to iron these and for the “lighter” blues, I had laid out plans for the door panels of the TARDIS. The task today is to get those sewn together. If you’ve followed any of my other quilting or sewing stories, you’ll find out that I hate ironing and pinning (and am likely not as good because of it) when I sew. This being a rustic mosaic though, I didn’t feel it was necessary. Now I did have to pin at one point, but not yet. Now the thing I love most about these square quilts (and really most quilt patterns but especially with something so blocky and easy) as you start with the smallest unit and sew them together, things get exponentially faster and cool to see how it builds. Basically, I started with one square, sewed it to another one, and then the third. This makes 1 strip of my 3×3 square plan. I then worked on the next strip and when all 3 are done they get sewn together. For this quilt so long as you have 2 blocks with equal length sides you can combine them in any time order. This will become a bit tricky later on, just with regards to my own thought process of what colors do I want where.


After cranking out the 5 “light” blue panels for the doors of the TARDIS its now time to put things together. The base unit of my quilt is the one square, as much as possible (just for my sanity really) I want to leave that size as the unit of measurement. Going back to the images of the TARDIS and drawing inspiration from other projects like this out there on the web I decided to do a row of 2 darker squares for the middle section where the doors open, and 1 row of darker square for between the panels. I randomly picked my darker colors and laid out the pattern. Once again it’s just sew a row and then sew that row/panel to another row/panel.


As you can see this starts to build up very quickly! I am tempted to do some fancy quilting techniques when it comes to combining things together to make those panels stand out more, but haven’t fully decided yet.

You can kinda see the lone light square up there in the top right. This hasn’t been attached to anything yet as I will need to pull out some white fabric for it’s opposing square. Right now it’s just hanging out. For this last trick, I laid out (on the bed since I no longer have a working table big enough, the kitchen table is reserved for thanksgiving goodness) the boarder that I want around this bottom 3 panels.


Remember when I said you need to¬†sew like sized sides together. So for something like this that¬†surrounds¬†my already¬†sewn panel, I need to¬†make sure that I do everything in the right¬†order. What I chose to do is sew the side¬†rows on first, minus the corner squares,¬†and then sew the bottom and top rows with those¬†corners and attach them to that overall panel in that order. Now I laid all these out and did my best¬†to make it both random and to pair the¬†squares well. I picked them up¬†in a specific order so that they would¬†be sewn the way I¬†laid them out, but at the end of the day I didn’t stress out about if I ordered them left¬†to right or top to bottom, or if my base square as aligned right. It will become more clear when the top section of the¬†TARDIS gets added on, but right now, it’s more about going with the flow than¬†anything else.


With all of that¬†I think it’s time to go to bed. I made great progress on the quilt this evening,¬†and with more to come over¬†this long weekend I’m sure! Though I worry that I don’t have the right fabric for the other parts, and I¬†am not going to brave the stores this holiday weekend. Though¬†if I did, I would be going out on Small Business Saturday and supporting some of the great local craft stores! I hope you’ve enjoyed this part of¬†my quilting series. Happy¬†Crafting!


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