Quilt Crafting Series – Part 3

Welcome back Whovians!

I hope everyone is fantastic. I know I am. I couldn’t be more ecstatic to show you all the progress that I have made on my TARDIS quilt. Remember last week when I said that when you start to sew things just exponentially take shape? Well that couldn’t be more true today as I get the majority of the TARDIS complete! When we last spoke I had finished the bottom of the TARDIS using a set of lighter blue squares surrounded by some darker blue to make that door panel effect, take a look!

Progress after the first sewing day!


As I started to think about the upper portion of the TARDIS a few things hit me…. for starters, I don’t have any black or white fabric (or very little) which means I need to go shopping before I can sit down and make progress. The second thing that comes to mind is the decision over the Police Call Box instruction panel. Let’s start with that one. If you look through a lot of the images online, it seems like most folks have a solid white panel with beautiful embroidery letters on it telling you that the police box is “free for public use” instructions. This is very clean and classy. You have the option to try and do it yourself with iron on letters, free hand embroidery (or hand stitched embroidery) or using an embroidery machine. Now I actually have a friend out in Seattle with her own embroidery machine and boy oh boy am I jealous. It has a computer interface where you lay out what you want and it will go and follow that pattern. She makes amazing gifts for friends and family using that tool. I know that there are many fabric stores and locations that will rent out their machines too. For me, despite the ease of getting an embroidered panel, I wanted to go a more abstract route. My TARDIS quilt isn’t polished, it doesn’t have clear cut lines, so I decided to leave it blank and do a 3×3 square of various white fabrics, just like the rest of the door. With that decision made, I head out to the store and this time around its gotta be:

There are a lot of really amazing craft stores here in Denver. Last time I went to Colorado Fabrics out in Aurora, for this trip I stayed closer to home and went to Fancy Tiger Crafts north on Broadway. This store is on the smaller size and has a wonderful combination of yarn, cotton fabric, buttons, and they even have a space to do classes and workshops. They even have a section on spinning and yarn dying! This place is artisanal (if I can use that word outside of food) and I love it. I went there and picked out a set of black fabric, white fabric, and of course I wandered out of there with a few more fat quarters that will get incorporated somewhere!

As always, I started with cutting up the white and back into squares and thinking of my more abstract plan of attack. The color/style choices I ended up with look great together (at least in my opinion!)

Just like the bottom of the TARDIS, I took the individual squares and merged them together into larger and larger sections. I took the white panel and windows and combined them with each other, then tie in that black and white top boarder, before I know it they are all tied together!! I can’t believe how big it’s gotten, can you?! And, now that the top is there, it’s looking a lot like the TARDIS!

Doesn’t that look amazing! I’m going to leave this here for now, it’s been a glorious time shopping, cutting, and sewing! Now I have a few major decisions to make and those are always best on a good nights rest. Until then, Happy Crafting!


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