Quilt Crafting Series – Part 4

Hey there fellow crafters (and Whovians)!

It’s time for my weekend in the mountains. I am lucky (beyond lucky really) enough to have an end of the year company part up in beautiful Keystone, Colorado! I’m not a skier so this weekend for me is all about relaxation, a lot of delicious food and drinks, friends, and a fireplace. This year I decided to travel with my quilting. I did not travel with my sewing machine, but there was plenty to do before I even get close to that stage of the quilt again. It’s now time to pull out a little more creativity for this TARDIS quilt. I left the last post with having just finished the main body of the TARDIS, there’s the blue doors with the paneling, the white of the windows, and the black and white top section with the Police Call Box abstraction. It’s down to the point now where I need to consider what to do in the background. The sky is the limit for what to do! Or really it’s just limited by your imagination and skill. I knew before I had a real plan that I wanted to leave the quilt blocks as squares. I could have introduced some triangles but then I would wonder why I didn’t use that in some other part of the quilt, so that was the easy call. Now though, what to do for the background? Ahh!!

I did what I always do, I started doodling and searching the web for different ideas. A lot of the mosaic quilts that I have seen online have a more or less solid orange background. This appeals to me with its simplicity but I’m not happy with the large orang section. I’m going to get bored and it for sure won’t go in my bedroom. But it did spark some interesting ideas. Time for a walk through some color theory!

Color Theory

Blue and orange are known as “Complementary Colors” meaning that they are on opposite sides of the color wheel. The same goes for Red and Green or Purple and Yellow. The wonder of complementary colors is that your eye is drawn equally to each of the colors as opposed to one color being dominate. It’s why you see these combinations everywhere, and that gives me an idea. I like the idea of the TARDIS being the center of the quilt with rays of awesomeness radiating out, but instead of being one color, I’m going to do a whole bunch. Each with their own personality. I toyed with idea of trying to have a section devoted to each Doctor, but I confess that I don’t have the intimate knowledge of each of the amazing Doctors to really capture them on cloth, but I can draw out a variety of different colors.

To start off I grab some graph paper (yes, I am a nerd and have a lot of different types of graph paper), and draw out my TARDIS and start making some rays of light going out of it!

In black and white I think it looks great. Using my color theory argument I want to put complementary colors opposite of each other and mix the darker and lighter rays. It’s going to be a bit wild and it might not work out as well as something more organized. But that’s a risk I am willing to take. After the long drive up to Keystone, I kicked back in the hotel, turned on the fire place, poured a glass of wine and pulled out my markers to get a larger sense of the colors that I plan to merge together to form the background of the quilt. I didn’t spend any time figuring out how big to make the background, but it will follow this theme like a set of guidelines regardless of the size! Plus it was just fun to sit back and do some coloring after a long week.

I think this looks good! What do you guys think? Yes there are 2 sets of red and green….maybe it’s the holiday influence, but there’s a serious difference in my opinion between the bright red version of red or the darker more maroon versus of red. Same goes with the greens and some other colors. Hopefully its a good balance when it’s all done. I laid out piles of fabric to start cutting and spent my relaxation time watching the Crown and cutting up some fabric (with a break to Breckenridge Distillery because I said food and drinks and there’s no better place!)

Up next is cutting squares of fabric so that I can get home to my sewing machine and knock out some bright and colorful background sections. Cross your fingers! Until next time Whovians!!

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