Quilting Craft Series: The Finale

It’s been two weeks since I dropped my quilt off at Colorado Fabrics and now it’s back in my hands. Of course this is the stage that is the most nerve wracking to me: the binding. The way my quilt is now, is it’s all sewn together, all ironed and pressed, but the edges are raw, so a binding needs to be done. I don’t know what it is but binding, bias tape, all that have been difficult for me. Even on the straight pieces, let alone the dreaded corners. I had planned to do a non-traditional binding, but that got lost in the mix.

People often ask me who got me into this, or who taught me. The answer is usually: Me. I’ve read books, watched videos, read tutorials online. This is how I learn to do a lot of things, and in some cases I learn them wrong, but that’s just part of life. The biggest “mistake” I have made ironically I think is a vast improvement. When I learned to knit I learned from a book. This was before the internet and it’s videos were like they are today. And I learned to knit/purl from pictures. Turns out I knit through the back of the stitch every time (discovered when I ran into a pattern asking me to do so and then Google showed me what I do normally). The second odd thing about my knitting is that I don’t turn my work. I knit from left-to-right, then go from right-to-left. Instead of always going the same direction and turning the whole project. Now, why do I do this? Two reasons, the first is that when I first tried to turn my work I got this tangled mess in my lap of a twisted scarf and just didn’t believe that this is the way knitting is! The second reason is actually because of TV. I was watching a Garfield episode where the grandmother in the story was knitting and she just went back and forth. This got engrained on me and I picked it up when I started knitting. I actually think I have less pain and knit faster because of it, but that wasn’t the point.

Okay, so why have I rambled on about knitting during my quilt series? Truth be told I am stalling for time so I don’t have to start on the binding. But the real point is that for the past few days I’ve been reading, watching videos, looking through tutorials – all about quilt binding. I’m trying to understand, find things I can follow, and get myself ready. There’s SO much information out there on how to do things, that you can get a good head start before diving in (of course in the end you just need to take a deep breath and give it a shot). So next time you think about asking “How did you know how to finish your quilt?” the answer is probably going to be Google, or Local Library. With those two tools, you too can do everything I do!


I decided to follow the instructions of Quilty Love – found here: http://www.quiltylove.com/machine-bind-quilt-beginner-friendly-method/ and I’m really glad I did. They were easy to follow and I think the results turned out beautiful! I started with making the final edging. It’s pretty much the same process that was done for the black edge boarder I did right before sending my quilt off. I’m going to use the same fabric as the back of the quilt, making a small blue edge to the front of the quilt, I cut strips about 2.5″. I was so focused and nervous about getting the edging that I didn’t really get any photos taken, but I do have one of the mitered corner. Isn’t it beautiful?! Thanks Quilty Love!



I spent most of the day doing the binding. The back edge with the 1/4″ seam allowance was very stressful, my shoulders still hurt from it all. The front side as actually pretty easy and I got to pick up some speed too. Now, what you’ve all been waiting for, the results!

The Back!

This is the easiest way to see the quilted pattern that I selected and had the wonderful long arm quilting machine (and the wonderful Wendy) tackle at Colorado Fabrics!

The Front!

It’s hard to take a picture of this thing it’s SO big. Maybe I’ll get a team together at some point, but for now I just wanted to have it on it’s rightful spot on the bed!


Looks pretty good I think! And not only did I make it myself, but I got to select hidden gems inside the different sections. Take a look at some of them!


Real star galaxies!!!



One of the First Doctor episodes I love involves the Aztecs. (And really shows you how the Doctor has changed over the years!


Hello Sweetie!


This one is a 2-fer. Got a combination of Daleks and a tribute to a wonderful Rock and Roll scene with Capaldi!



Huh. I thought I had one more. Guess I don’t. I can’t remember anything. That must mean that this series has come to a close. I hope you all enjoyed reading about the making of this TARDIS quilt. I know I loved making it. It’s time to sit back with a nice drink and wrap myself up in my quilt while planning the next big adventure!

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